We started from scratch. Maybe not from complete zero but from £60 invested in the website. We started with a modest online supplements store in 2005. There was no company car, so to get even a single tub of creatine sent we had to take the tram to the post office. Continuous hard work, a customer service focused attitude and reinvesting almost all of the profits resulted in 15 stationary shops and wholesale business after 7 years.

In 2013 we started to create our own brand with even greater self commitment and passion. The goal was clear: to create a brand for bodybuilders and fitness competitors. That is why the first product we created was the purest high percentage isolate ISO P290. Followed by pure, tasteless BCAAs and glutamine. Specific focus on the most demanding group of competitors, our obsessive care for raw materials and supplements formulas have resulted in a very dynamic development. Currently we have our own production facility with capsule machines, powder mixers and our own oil mill. Our branches are based in countries such as England, Germany,Ireland, Spain, Scotland, Denmark, Slovakia, Netherland and France. Our products are co-created by IFBB PRO Rob Piotrkowicz. In 2016 we also had the pleasure to receive the „Business Gazelle” a prestigious award given to the most dynamically developing companies in Poland. But the crucial thing is – we continue to work with the same commitment as in 2005. Remembering our origins, we remember packing every single piece of creatine by ourselves. Therefore, you can be sure that whether running a small online store or the smallest supplements point in your local gym you will be treated with the same respect as the owner of a large supplement chain.


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Arkadiusz Bała