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Marta Dudzińska

Marta Dudzińska
    • 2nd place WPF World Championship cat. Miss Bikini Model, Belgium 2018
    • 2nd place WPF European Championship cat. Miss Bikini Athletic, Italy 2019
    • 3rd place WPF European Championships cat. Miss Bikini Model, France 2018
    • 1st place Polish Grand Prix PCA cat. Ladies Bikini Toned, Poland 2020
    • OVERALL PCA, Poland 2020
    • 3rd place OLYMPIA AMATEUR PORTUGAL cat. Bikini class F (up to 168 cm), Portugal 2020
    • I place at the Polish Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships WBBF WFF cat. Bikini Hard, Poland 2020
    • OVERALL WBBF WFF, Poland 2020
    • I place European Cup in Bodybuilding and Fitness GPA cat. Bikini Hard, Poland 2020
    • OVERALL GPA, Poland 2020
    • I place NPC Polish Cup (Seniors), Bikini category up to 170 cm
    • I place NPC PRO Qualifier Champions Cup, Bikini up to 170 cm
    • 1st place PCA Dutch Championships, cat. Ladies Bikini Toned, Netherlands 2019
    • 2nd place WPF Polish Championships cat. Miss Bikini Fitness, Siedlce 2019
    • 3rd place PCA Polish Championships cat. Ladies Bikini Toned, Łódź 2019
    • 2nd place WPF Championship of Poland cat. Miss Bikini Model, Radom 2018
    • 2nd place WPF Polish Cup cat. Miss Bikini Model, Siedlce 2018
    • 3rd place International Xtreme Fitness Challenge - IFBB PRO Qualifier in the category Bikini up to 168 cm, Warsaw 2020
    • Workshops:
    • High heels - beauty in heels - 07.03
    • Rowing ergometer workshop - turn of March/April
    • Shaping and building up the buttocks - turn of April/May
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